Epic Neo-X Ultra 106L matkalaukku

Epic Neo-X Ultra 106L matkalaukku
Kategoriat: Kantovälineet, Reput
Brand: Epic
169 EUR

Erittäin kestävä, kevyt ja elastinen, 100% polypropeeninen Epic VTT teknologiaa hyödyntävä ulkokuori. Mitat: Korkeus 75, Leveys 51, Syvyys 30 cm, 106 L, 4.3 Kg Matalaprofiiliset kahvat ja täysin integroitu lukko ehkäisevät laukun kiinnijäämistä kuljetuksen aikana. 5 vuoden takuu! By applying the latest developments in luggage componentry (low weight, high durability, and high maneuverability!), the latest in modern luggage interior design, and new techniques in shell design and manufacture such as EPIC VTT unibody construction, we are able to offer a very lightweight, extremely durable and maneuverable, beautifully designed luggage which is accessible to almost everyone in this great, rugged material polypropylene. Extremely durable and elastic, 100% polypropylene outer shell with EPIC VTT (Variable Thickness Technology) adds structural strength and decreases weight on the Neo-X through controlled design engineering and precision manufacturing.Cube based design shape offers great looks and protection, but also very efficient packing and stacking. Low profile handles and fully integrated lock by Airspeed offer great durability, low weight and minimize chances for the case to catch on external objects.