Epic Phantom SL matkalaukku violetti 95L

Epic Phantom SL matkalaukku violetti 95L
Kategoriat: Kantovälineet, Reput
Brand: Epic
149 EUR

Tyylikäs ja klassinen Epic Phantom matkalaukun uusin versio nyt entistä kevyempänä. Laadukkaat ja kestävät materiaalit ja helposti rullaavat pyörät. Kaikki merkittävät osat vaihdettavissa. TSA lukot. Sisusvuori irrotettavissa ja pestävissä helpon Velcro kiinnityksen avulla. Vettä erinomaisesti hylkivä helposti rullaava vetoketju pitää laukun sisällön kuivana huonommallakin ilmalla. 7 vuoden takuu! PERHAPS THE WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL AND BEST UNIBODY TROLLEY CASE. IT JUST GOT LIGHTER! Don’t let its sleek, elegant, classic, but advanced design fool you. There’s a lot of thought, technology, manufacturing skill, and quality that has gone into creating this case. Phantom, as a unibody VTT design, is literally oozing with that something special that has changed the way we see things. You can truly feel with Phantom that it’s something extraordinary, and this special, new SL-version is the lightest and best Phantom we’ve ever made. All of the components are top-quality and smooth running. The wheels, and top- and side handles are made by Airspeed ensuring low weight, high performance, and long life. You can expect a long service life from these. All key components can even be replaced in the event that they become damaged or you wear them out. We at EPIC have worked very hard on each and every detail from the design perspectives of beauty, low weight, functionality, and durability. We hope and feel that this new PhantomSL will provide you with many years of joyful use in your travels throughout this world, and who knows, maybe the next. • Outer shell in our uniquely light, strong and elastic VTT unibody polypropylene material. • Airspeed DualTrak wheel system with Epic standard fitting for low weight, but super maneuverability and ease of transport. • All cases are equipped with a fully integrated TSA combination lock for an even sleeker look, but sill all of the benefits of security (and less hassle during U.S. Travel) that the TSA lock provides. • The EPIC Re:FRESH interior will help you keep the inside of your case clean, tidy and fresh. The lining is removable and attached with Velcro running 360 around the inner edge of each side of the case. Not only does the Re:FRESH system make it easy to remove and wash, it will also allow you to personalize and renew your interior through color and pattern in the future. • Outer Zipper: Highly water-resistant through its rubberized surface, and of the highest standard for smoothness in operation and durability. Products with this warranty are covered by the EPIC® FULL ARMOR™ WARRANTY for a period of 7 years from the date of purchase. If the shell of your case should break for any reason, even due to third party (such as airlines) handling, we will replace the case at no charge, anywhere in the world.