High Peak Almada 4.0 neljän hengen teltta

High Peak Almada 4.0 neljän hengen teltta
Kategoriat: Yöpyminen, Teltat
Brand: High Peak
309 EUR

High Peak dome tent Almada 4.0, camping tent with vestibule, 2 entries, igloo tent for 4 persons, large mosquito door, double skin, 3.000 mm waterproof, ventilation system, UV 80 sun protection, weather protected entrance, mosquito protection, darkened inner tent, heat-resistant.High quality polyester UV Protect 80, Alu PU coated, 3.000 mm water column, waterproof by seam taping Climatic Protection 80 has an aluminum coating which is heat-reducing and strengthens the outer tent fabric. UV 80 Protection (Standard 801) for longer sun protection Breathable Polyester fabric Waterproof, rot-proof Polyethylene tent floor Extremely resilient, smooth-running branded zipper.A-shaped vestibule creating optimal roomy space. Vestibule with mudflap keeping water and dirt out of the vestibule. Dual entry with full mesh door for optimal ventilation and mosquito protection; zipper rain gusset providing additional protection against wetness. Crystal clear windows brightening the inner; curtains to ensure privacy. 2 permanent ventilations with distance holder for a better tent climate and optimal ventilation. Top ventilation providing better tent climate and minimizing condensation. “Advanced Low Vent” system is a very effective ground ventilation. Rear entrance providing optimal ventilation and storage space. Rain gusset protecting the zipper from water. Roomy space between fly sheet and inner tent ensuring continuous air flow. Twilight visable red tape around bottom fly sheet. Color marked poles for easy setup.Darkened inner tent for restful sleep. 2 Vario Vent Control entrances allowing the ventilation window to be operated variably depending on the climate. Optimal air flow and mosquito protection. The bathtub floor prevents the ingress of moisture and dirt. Large mesh panel providing optimal ventilation and mosquito protection. Zippered opening allowing to operate the “Advanced Low Vent” from inner tent. Ring-hook corner fixation for easy floor fixation without pegs. Organizer for storing various utensils. Inner pockets for storing various utensils. Lamp holder for hanging a camping light or lantern. Corresponding color code matching to outer tent allowing easy hanging up of inner tent.High quality zipped pack sack. Durable, strong 5 mm pegs. High quality well visible guyropes. Short pole tunne for quick set up and breakdown. Fixed floor to inner tent front ensuring a clean vestibule floor.High quality 9,5 mm fiberglass poles connected with shock cord.Premium dome tent with multi-function ventilations.Equipped with an aluminium coating. The coating strengthens the fabric, it is heat -reducing up to 17% and feature an UV sun protection factor 80 (UV standard 801). The ADVANCE LOW VENT SYSTEM is a highly effective ground level ventilation circulating air throughout the floor area on two sides. The extra space between outer tent and inner tent minimize condensation. The system can be activated by opening the mesh cover from the inner tent and store easy into an inside pocket. If you feel a bit chilly close the cover form inside. No need to leave your cozy High Peak sleeping bag. A- shaped vestibule offer roomy space. Fixed floor to inner tent front and mud flaps keeps dirt out of the vestibule area. Crystal clear windows with privacy cover. Dual entry with mesh door keeps bugs out and offer great ventilation. Rear door for additional storage space and optimum breathability. Three all- weather ventilations provide continuous airflow. Keep the ventilation always open for full function. Twilight visible red tape around the bottom fly sheet.Durable and strong 5mm steel pin pegs work on hard campgroundsTape sealed waterproof seams. Flysheet set up first and second step suspend the inner tent to keep the inner dry during wet set up.Darkened inner tent keep light out for late risers. Vario Vent Control door system. Large mesh panels keeps bugs out of the inner tent and increase breathability. Inside zippered flap easy to adjust and packs neat into the easy stow away pocket. Two permanent top mesh panels for more ventilation. High visible green zippers. Convenient organizer, inside pockets and lamp holder.The Almada 4.0 offer 3 - 4 person space with camping gear. The feature packed tent designed to cope with the worldwide climate change situation. Ideal for Mediterranean, Scandinavian countries and Central Europe.