Nalgene 6 pullon matkasetti laukulla

Nalgene 6 pullon matkasetti laukulla
Kategoriat: Tuotemerkit, Nalgene
Brand: Nalgene
18.9 EUR
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Practical set of cans in various sizes made from BPA-free polyethylene, for coffee, sugar, spices, oil, medicines, care products, shampoo etc. These set meet the requirement for bottles less than 100 ml (3 oz) in size taking on board during air travel. Everything - according to the regulations - packed in a transparent bag with leak-proof zipper. The bag also has room for more personal accessories.3 square HDPE leakproof, color coded, BPA free, 2.29oz1 round HDPE leakproof, BPA free, 2.36oz1 round vial. Holds Q-Tips perfectly. It’s a friction fit top so it is not leakproof, BPA Free1 straight side Jar, 1 oz, not leakproof by Nalgene standards. Perfect for any pills that you may want to bring along. Also for thicker liquids like gels or shaving lotionBag with leak resistan