Zarges aluminium Eurobox Kuljetuslaatikko 157L

Zarges aluminium Eurobox Kuljetuslaatikko 157L
Kategoriat: Kantovälineet, Reput
Brand: Zarges
449 EUR

This strong box is ideal for almost every transport operation where lightness and strength are essential. The aluminium alloy does not corrode and its inherent stability guaranty a proverbial high quality and long life. The boxes are fitted with stacking corners on the lids, folding handles, alu-reinforcing on the vertical corners and 3 welded frames. The hinges are of stainless steel and the latches can be fitted with a padlock (up to 6mm) or with the locks provided as an optional extra. The gasket in the lid makes the boxes dust and spray proof. Available in 8 sizes. Please take the measurements from the table. outside 80 x 60 x 41 cminside 75 x 55 x 38 cmca. 7,5 kg157 l